DAW SE - Values & Culture

As a family business, traditional family values are part of our corporate culture.

Even though we have developed into one of the largest building paints dealers and service providers in Switzerland in over 60 years, we still believe in the values that are rooted in our sustainable company philosophy and family spirit.
These values unite to form a common attitude ("one spirit"), which is also decisive for our ability to change and thus for the primary company goal of maintaining our independence in the long term.
We want to fill our values with life through daily conscious actions, both internally and externally, and continuously develop and strengthen them. The sum of our many small actions makes us unique and ultimately leads to the success of the company.

We at DAW Switzerland are special because we...

... are.

Motivated means for us…
  • Fun at work
  • high identification with DAW
  • Business interest - to contribute to the success of DAW
We are proud to be part of a success story of more than 60 years and want to continue this with our contribution.
Positive thinking and a high level of identification with the company ensure a good working atmosphere and a successful future. This results in our responsibility for the workplaces and for the colleagues working there.

Goal-oriented means for us…
  • that we set ourselves goals and pursue them consistently
  • every employee knows his or her goals
We are goal and implementation-oriented and prepared to take calculable risks. We take responsibility for our actions.
We convince and inspire our teams and our customers. We believe in what we do and enjoy our work.  
for us means…
  • to stick to agreements
  • that our statements can be relied upon
We make our decisions and agreements on the basis of facts. We consistently follow up on decisions and agreements made and adhere to them. We say what we do and we do what we say.
means for us…
  • high expertise
  • to be able to respond to different needs
With our high level of expertise we are open to the views of others, to new ideas, improvements and change. We learn from each other and actively exchange "Best Practice". We communicate in a trustworthy and timely manner on relevant information, respond to different needs and are open to feedback.
means for us…
  • objective communication
  • friendly interaction
Our daily cooperation is characterized by mutual respect, friendly, helpful and cosmopolitan interaction. Open, objective and direct communication is essential for this. It is desired that each employee openly expresses his or her opinion to his or her superior, in discussion groups, conferences, etc. We cultivate honest dealings with each other, because this is the basis for trust and a healthy working atmosphere.