Architectural monuments are a stone expression of our history and culture. They are the heritage of creative activities of our ancestors. The preservation and protection of valuable cultural assets has been a constant concern of Caparol since its foundation more than 120 years ago. With lime and silicate products, the company has been contributing to the restoration and renovation of historic buildings for decades.


The work in and with the preservation of historical monuments has recently prompted Caparol to create a new brand, Histolith®, in which all the company's quality products intended for use in the preservation of historical monuments are combined under a common name. For the first time, preservationists, architects and fabricators now have a product range from a single source that contains all the materials required for the restoration of historical buildings.

Product highlights

With Histolith PremiumSilikat we have succeeded in developing a material with the positive properties of a mineral paint, which is particularly suitable for today's applications. Histolith Sol-Silikat wall paints are characterized by high processing safety. The coordinated priming process ensures the optimal adjustment to the respective substrate. Thus, even difficult applications in silicate technology can be safely mastered (e.g. plasterboard, machine plasters, concrete components and even old dispersion paints).

Histolith Sol-Silikat is a mineral facade paint with unique properties in terms of application range, colour brilliance, colour stability and easy application. The novel mineral binder combination enables universal applications in the renovation of old buildings, preservation of historical monuments and in new buildings. The addition of lithium water glass prevents potash efflorescence and enables particularly brilliant color shades with optimum color stability. Histolith Sol-Silikat combines the advantages of the proven silicate and silicone resin emulsion paints and impresses with excellent processing properties. It is ideal for mineral substrates and for reworking old, matt emulsion paints and old silicone resin emulsion paints.


Products from Histolith are sold through the Caparol points of sale.